Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Family Reunion

We had a little Eddy Family Reunion up at Hyrum Lake the first weekend of August. Jesse was able to be there Friday night and we were able to visit with the Fam and sit by the fire and makes smores and campfire eclairs which I enjoyed. We stayed at my sister's house for the night because I didn't know if Corbin was ready for the whole camping thing yet! But  I want to try it out before it gets too cold....I love hiking and camping! Jesse drove to work saturday morning :( and Corbin and I hung out with my Eddy bunch, play games, ate, swam, etc. It was a fun weekend. Too bad I brought my camera but then never got it out! So I stole a few pictures from my sister.
Ready to go!
We sat in these chairs a lot..and it was so nice and relaxing

Thanks for fun weekend and good times together!

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