Monday, November 12, 2012

No More Rent!!

Today is the day we signed the papers. (or our life away) We are officially homeowners! :)
We are so happy and feel so blessed!
Now on to packing and unpacking and organizing and decorating...
and of course just enjoying our very own first home!
NO MORE RENTING!! :) ...but as my sister said now we are a loan payer!
Here are just a few of some luxurious things we are looking forward to...
-Our money actually going towards an investment..and not having to worry about a landlord.
-Privacy of your own home!
-A Backyard!
-A GARAGE! no more scraping off my car or running to my car in the snow or rain!
-No smoke alarm right outside of our bathroom that I can't tell you how many times has gone off because I forget to shut the door!...
-And a fan that works in the bathroom-ours as been out for at least the last month. Which doesn't help with the problem above.
-A husband that enjoys projects and working on when something needs fixin' it will be fixed much quicker!
-A dishwasher that doesn't randomly jam up so I can't start it..but just having a dishwasher is nice.
-Having nice flooring-no nasty carpet or laminate floors that needed to be replaced years ago.
...and the list will continue!..
Been looking forward to this day for a while now..can't wait to make this house our home! :)

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