Tuesday, October 26, 2010

cArViNg PuMpKiNs! :)

First off, yes I am suppose to be doing homework right now because I have a ton to do. But everyone needs a break to do something they enjoy! School is coming along..busy! I am just thinking..just a little over a month left for this semester.. I can do it! Jesse has actually been busy studying as well lately! He takes the GMAT this Thursday!

So this last Sunday we were able to carve pumpkins at my mom's house! We highly enjoyed it! I just wanted to do it all night but eventually had to leave and go to bed!

Jesse's pumpkin:
Cute little guy!..missing a tooth.
Marissa's Pumpkin:
You can't look at that and not smile back!

Then my Mom wanted us to carve the squash, Jesse did a fine job!

Finished products:

Happy Halloween!..now it is crunch time to think of costumes!


  1. Wow you're getting to be quite the blogger with funky writing and everything!
    The squash is my favorite!

  2. I guess I better comment on your awesome blog since I encouraged you to get one started! Looks like you have the hang of it pretty well. Awesome and great posts! Keep em coming!

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  4. Very impressive! Looks like a lot of fun!