Sunday, November 7, 2010

End of October..Wow that went by fast!

So I am a little late with posting Halloween but better late then never.
We didn't really think of a costume until the day before.
(But yes I have already bought my ugly sweater for Christmas-it's pretty good!) 
We decided to be a Biker Chick and Biker Dude. -something easy that we could throw together!..
We went to a friend party with Jesse's sister Brooklyn and had yummy food. Too bad we couldn't say longer but we were able to go to the family party at the Jensen's house and play games with the fam!
Jesse bobbing for apples. I attempted for a second but decided I did not want to get that wet when its cold. Good thing we had the boys to entertain us.
Eating donuts off the string. I might of gotten a bite off..but Jesse did the rest of the work!

We went up to logan for Halloween day and we're able to hang out with some friends up there. We went shooting..until it started raining. We had delicious chili and played games. Jesse and I stayed up much later than we are used to. I have to admit I haven't seen that late (or I should say that early) on a clock since we were dating. It probably wont happen again for a long time. We enjoy our early bedtime..and we will as long as we can! :)
I try to think of different dinners to make to mix it up but have a hard time with being creative. I tend to use and it does me well. But if anyone has any good ideas for dinners that are easy, cheap, and yummy feel free to share! :) I enjoy cooking but usually find myself not having much time to think about what to make and actually make it. 

So this last week I decided to make pizza. Jesse and I both like canadian bacon and pineapple. I took my time to make it look good and have the canadian bacon and pineapple perfectly spaced so every bite would be great. I put it in the oven and look back on the counter to noticed I missed an important ingredient...the pizza sauce! Dang it! I had to scrap off all the stuff-that I put so perfectly on and just throw it back on AFTER I put the pizza sauce on. We still loved it and gobbled it up though!


  1. This pizza story cracks me up! It is so something I would do. Forget the most obvious thing :). I don't know if you'll like this, but we just ate this and it's the fastest easiest cheapest thing in the world. Just make rice in a rice cooker. Then put the rice in a baking dish, add chili on top, and put cheddar cheese on top of that. Just put in the oven till warm. So easy!

  2. I sure love each and every one of your posts!! P.S. I'm kinda offended that my blog isn't on your blog list! Real cool... ;)