Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fall Delight!

This past week we finally were able making carmel apples! I have been wanting to make them all season and we finally decided to buy the stuff and do it! We had a fun time making them and even better time eating them! They don't quite look like the Rocky Mountain Chocolates Carmel Apples-which I love-but they were cheaper and fun to make! :)
It was also my Mother's birthday this past week. It took her a while to figure out how old she was turning..45?..46?..its all the same once you get that age anyways I guess! ;) We surprise her with a little "Over the Hill" party! I love my Mama! She's the best!
On Saturday we went to Boondocks and hit up the arcades with the Jensen fam! We found a couple games that help you win quite a few tickets! 500 tickets can get you this little guy! :)
Jesse and I also did something we don't do very often. Saturday night we went to the movies.. a 9 o' clock movie..which is late for us! We went and saw Inception at the Kaysville Theatre. We enjoyed it besides the fact that we might of been afraid of going to sleep. I forgot how much a love the Kaysville Theatre. 
1. It's close by and it just makes you feel proud of Kaysville for having such a convenient little theatre!
2. It's cheap!-you can buy 2 tickets, popcorn, and a small drink for the price of basically one ticket at the other movie theaters.
3. The old school preview commercials are still there where everyone yells "EWW"
4. You almost always see friends you haven't seen for a while and it's so good to run into them! (especially when they let you come in line where they are..I don't want to call it butting in line...)

I am glad we are able to spend our free time doing things we enjoy-especially together! It gets me through school! Yes I am still counting down the weeks till the semester is over..


  1. Marissa you make me laugh. I love the little green guy from boondocks! The Kaysville Theater is also a favorite of mine.