Thursday, December 2, 2010

Where are you motivation?...

Goodness..I have no motivation to do anything with school.
This is another way I find to avoid studying.
I don't remember being this burned out with school! 
I am having the hardest time..I just stare at my books getting no where.
I thought maybe the whole little Thanksgiving break and getting away for the weekend would spark some motivation to finish off the semester but I think it made it worse because I just feel like that should of been the end of the semester. I am not meaning this is a negative way I am actually worried that I am like this..but I feel that many people are also struggling with this complete burned out feeling with school-or maybe I have been surrounded by a bunch of nursing students who have been overloaded for the past year. I usually enjoy school and learning so I think that is what makes me harder for me. 
But I must say I am glad I have Jesse here with me. He helps me get through school. The only problem is right when he gets home from work I for sure don't want to do anything with school-its Me and Jesse time the rest of the day! :)

As far as Thanksgiving-We spent the day with the Eddy family. The usual overeating and wanting the throw up feeling. It was good to be together with all the fam! 
Friday morning we flew out to vegas to be with the Jensen family for Matt's football tournament. Sadly I have to admit I think I ate buffet style for 4 days straight at least one meal a day.. Wow..
We did a lot of eating and shopping. Sounds pretty typical.
We drove home Sunday. It took us a good 10 hours at an average of 45 mph. We saw at least 2 dozen cars off the road. Good thing that motor home is heavy and didn't slide around much and I was able to watch 2 movies to pass the time! (2 of my favorite: How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and Toy Story 3)

2 finals to finish then almost a month of no school! I can do this! I know my hard work will pay off! I am excited for the holidays and the spirit and happiness it brings-but especially the fact that we can relax and not worry about homework! :)


  1. You can do it! Only a couple more days to go and one semester more and you'll be graduating. Then you'll have to be a big ol' grown up and get a job, that might make you wish you were back in school :)

    PS I sent you all those photos and you only used one? LAME. Plus no pictures of Vegas? Step it up girl!

  2. umm..courtney what do you saw those pictures. Absolutely ridiculous. I am sorry but at least I was able to look through them all and laugh. And do I need to remind you I am not a very good picture taker. I think we brought the camera to vegas, just never got it out. I guess I could of stole some from one of them that took pictures.

  3. Hey I was about to say the same exact thing as Courtney! "YOU CAN DO IT!" I am not in the nursing major and I feel some of that. Maybe this will sound cheesy to you, but when I found out part of the Holy Ghost includes bringing things to our remembrance I started to pray that I would be able to more fully remember what I had learned. I have felt myself being able to recall more material when I pray for that help. I will be jealous of you after next week, but only for a week.