Sunday, October 17, 2010

Autumn Awesomness!

Last post I mentioned how we wanted to go hiking, this last week we were able to go up to the mountains 3 times! 
It was delightful! So Beautiful, We loved it!

We were able to go to Ogden and hike Waterfall Canyon. Their wasn't much of a waterfall since its October but there was all the fall leaves!

Then one day after work we drove up farmington canyon and we found a small trail!
Another highlight of my week, I was able to see my brother Tyler! We went out to dinner Friday night and hiking again up Bear Canyon saturday morning with my Dad!

Baby Elijah and Tyler
Mama Oram and Candace
Eria, baby Eli, and Brooke

Saturday evening we went out to a pumpkin patch!

I love my nephew Eli! What a Stud!
Saturday night we got together with some friends and Jesse had the great idea of making ginger bread haunted houses!


  1. You family looks so happy all together, hiking and at the pumpkin patch! That must have been nice! Eli is adorable! Your so photogenic! Im jealous!