Sunday, July 3, 2011

Birthday Time!

Saturday was my birthday and Jesse made it a perfect day! It was wonderful!
I am getting old..the big 22! ha I loved telling people at my work because they would just laugh and say "oh I am 86, yeah  I am 98.." Goodness that is old. But exciting to think there is a lot more to happen in my life!
My birthday started out waking up at 5:30AM and I ran a half marathon! :) I was determined to do it! It wasn't an official race or anything but I ran over 13.1 miles!
And I have to say if felt great! not that it wasn't hard but I just felt accomplished. Furthest I have ever ran now. But with this marathon training I will have to be saying that a lot more now.
After Jesse's dad took us boating! I LOVE BOATING! One of my favorite things.

I forget how much I love wakeboarding as well. It was great to have my mom and brothers and sisters with us!
Matt-Jesse's brother
Me..I always look goofy
Tyler-My bother
Candace-my sister
Brooke-my sister
Jesse's Dad Scott-Right after skiing and having charlie horses in his leg!
I forgot how many bugs are at Willard-ridiculous! (if you can tell from this picture?)
After boating we came home and took a Wonderful nap! :)
and then Jesse made "reservations" for dinner. We stopped by his parent's house right before we were going to dinner and to my surprise everyone was over there for a little BBQ! It was good to be with family and friends!
One great day!

Sunday is my brother's Matt birthday! He was also ordianed a priest! So proud of him! Can't believe he is getting that old!
Birthday boy and girl!
Grandpa and Grandma Eddy
We also played a game called Koob where basically you throw blocks of wood and try to hit them down-with a little more too it. Sounds lame but it is quite fun. We had to find some shade because it was blazing hot!

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