Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The 4th of July.

We kept our tradition going with running the Kaysville 4th of July 5k race this year.
I am glad Jesse was willing to do it again with me. 
 Just Jesse and I and My Mom, Candace, and Matt this year.
It's also fun to see a lot of people you know from around here as well.
We don't race for time..just run for fun. (well besides Candace maybe) But I must say I am pretty disappointed that they had NO prizes at all after the race this year-they have been giving out less each year but now nothing. sad. But still a fun tradition to do.
After the race we went out to Plain City for all their festivities to meet up with the Jensen family for a bit. They chase chickens and catch fish with their bare hands at their fair...
That afternoon we had a small BBQ then met up with friends to play softball and volleyball. It was humid and hot, but of course fun.
That night we headed up to the mountains to watch the fireworks and had a good view of all of them across the valley.

I love this time of year when you get out and spend more time with family and friends!
 and of course celebrate being an American! How grateful I am to live here!


  1. Marissa your amazing! So lame that you didn't get prizes...prizes always make things better!