Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year!

New years weekend I thought wasn't going to be too great since I had to work all weekend and we didn't have anything planned to celebrate/party- but it actually turned out quite well. We were able to hang out with my family and play games and eat all night!
They all look so great..
My Moms way of saying "cheese"
Playing rockband which Jesse is the only one you can really play.
New Years Day I had to work 7:30am-7:30pm..sittin with a lady who lives at an assisted living home. I was not looking forward to that. Jesse decided to come visit me at work. He brought us lunch, we played card games and played games on our i pods (the family feud game I downloaded (: ), and watched planet earth..and possibly took a small nap. He was with me for about 5 hours..it was great! Can't complain too much after that.

So now that the holidays are over its time to get down to business and actually start trying to be healthy again. We sure do love the sweets! But we do think it is important to be healthy. I am only saying this because it puts more pressure on me now that people know...maybe?..

We are excited for this new year and hope it brings us the best! 
I will be graduating the nursing program this spring and Jesse starting the MBA program in the fall.
We will celebrate our first year anniversary! :)
and hopefully much more great things to come!

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  1. First: of course your New Year's Eve was fun- you were with me
    Second: I think you stole the picture of us playing Rockband off my blog, I forgive you.
    Third: Ah, I have SOME Rockband skills.
    Fourth: I can't believe you've almost been married a year. Watch out the years just go by faster and faster the longer you're married!
    Fifth: you forgot to mention that this year you will be moving closer to be with your funnest sister.

    Ok I guess that's all :)