Friday, January 14, 2011

As of Lately..and A very special day!

School has started but it hasn't hit me yet..I have to admit I haven't done much for it because I have been waiting for my books to slowly come..and nursing school seems like it mostly consist of reading the books and studying-could be the reason why I have been struggling to enjoy it since I really don't like reading! I tell myself someday I will enjoy reading when I don't have to read text books. I feel that school will get busy real fast here and the stress will come on..probably starting this next week.
As far as work I quit my home health and hospice care CNA job..I have to say it was kinda hard to just tell them I quit because I don't think I have ever quit a job. Usually my jobs have been seasonal or I moved away. But within 30 minutes of quitting I got a called from a nursing home in north ogden and asked me if I wanted to work PRN (as needed) as an LPN! Also I will be starting a new CNA job with a home health company but I basically choose my own hours. So I hoping this will all work out and be for the best.

This past week we had a very special event happen in our family. Eria, Brooke, Kimberly, and Eijah were sealed in the Salt Lake Temple on January 10, 2011. This was a special day for them because that was the birthday of there first born Kimberly Mae who passed away only 13 days after being born. It was a very neat experience. We are all very happy for them!

Kimberly Mae Tokanang

The experience of having a family member pass away was very difficult but we are very fortunate to have the gospel in our lives and know Heavenly Fathers plan and find comfort.

Sealed together as the Tokanang family Jan. 10, 2011.

Baby Eli!


  1. I like how you blurred the picture of the three of them.

  2. Congrats to Brooke and her cute little family!