Sunday, January 16, 2011


This past weekend we went up to Logan. To start with the not so good news, we bought a car up in Logan in April and we have enjoyed it. A 2009 black toyota Camry! We made an appointment for some maintenance work (another reason to go up to logan besides to hang out) which actually ended up being no big deal at all. What makes me really sad is this past week some one hit the side of my car. Since my car was rather dirty with all the salt and snow I did not notice it at first and don't know when it happened. Yes that does mean it was a hit and run. BUMMER! I have a nice dent in the side on my car now and it appears that my door might not shut all the way. I wish that everyone could be honest in this world and at least left a note. :( Now more money down the drain when we get to fixing it. My mama always said their are for sure two things in life that you will always have to pay for that are a pain-car problems and taxes.

Anyways on with our good weekend in logan. On Friday night we hung out with Courtney and Christopher and Max (sister, brother-in-law, nephew) we went out to dinner at Bluebird Cafe-I wanted to go somewhere that is only in Logan-and it was delicious. The rolls superb as well as the other food! Then we went back to their place and played the game LIFE. It was quite a good game with my salary being at $100,000 and Jesse painting family portraits for $35,000!
Saturday we drove up to Idaho to watch Candace race. She ran the mile and did well. I always enjoy watching her race-I haven't really been able to much when she has been in college..but it also kills me because I get butterflies for her! That night we were able to hang out with friends (Jordan and Kylie) dinner and catching up. One day Jesse and Jordan will start a business together while Kylie and I will work as nurses..we have quite a bit in common. We had a good time!

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