Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Summertime trips-Utah/Bear Lake

Another trip to Utah…its kinda our thing of course. Jesse had to work the 4th of July and we were going up for a Jensen family vacation on the 5th so I decided to go up a couple days early with the boys and celebrate the 4th with family. We went to the Kaysville parade…and lets just say Corbin is still talking about people throwing out Candy. haha He really enjoyed it. Of course by the end we were all hot and sweaty but its definitely a lot more fun when you have a child enjoying it as well! We had a breakfast back at my moms house and hung out there most the day with cousins. Filled up a small pool in the backyard and they were all happy. Corbin also thought the fireworks were pretty cool. We stayed in my mom front yard and her neighbor across the street put on a great show for us!
I am so glad when my mom picked my up from the airport we went to the hospital to see my Grandpa who had been sick with pancreatitis and we were able to spend some time with my Grandma and family.
Jesse flew in Sunday and they had a little celebration for his Grandpa Jensen's birthday who passed away already-but it was good to get together with all of the aunts/uncles/cousins etc and see Grandma Jensen.
 Then Monday we headed up to Bear Lake for a few days! Sadly the weather did not cooperate very well as far as it was kinda rainy and cold most the time. We attempted a beach day and it just got really cold and slightly rainy but my boys still had fun! Corbin was obsessed with anything motorized. He wanted to ride the motorcycle, four wheelers, jet skis, razor…anytime he could! We attempted to go to the Minnetonka cave one day when all the boys went golfing but everyone else at bear lake had the same idea and so it was completely full and we couldn't go. We ended up having a little picnic and letting the kids play a bit. But it ended up being a good thing to go with all the men later the next day to the cave!
We all had fun at bear lake spending time with each other and I did get a little wake boarding in (in the freezing cold water)-it was just a little bit of a bummer that it was such crummy weather the second week of july. (thats utah weather though) We decided to go to Lagoon with everyone and Corbin absolutely loved it and thought all the rides were great! Sadly we didn't get to stay the whole day because our plane was leaving that evening but we still had a lot of fun!

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