Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sports and Crafts

The closer it gets to graduation the more I think I am already done with school. I need to focus and study for my 3 tests I have this week. THEN I will be done! I love the warmer weather which is partly the reason why I am just making myself think that I am done with school.
On Wednesday, it was a beautiful warm day..until that night when we went to the Real soccer game-I love soccer..everyone knows that!-so I was excited to go to the game. I am glad that I stopped by my sister's house right before we left because it was brought to my realization that I did not bring warm enough clothes and my sister let me borrow her big coat-thank goodness I had that! It rained the whole game. Jesse blocked most of the rain so he was the one that got pretty wet. We went with Jesse's sister Megan and Dallin, and Dallin's brothers. They decided to leave just a few minutes early the score was 0-0. Sadly to say right after they left Real scores an awesome goal-and they miss the most exciting part of the game!
Our seats were right behind the stand where they made the cinnamon roasted almonds and I had to smell them the whole game! They smelt SO good! (But they are ridiculously priced) The next day I decided to try to make them. They tasted pretty good but I swear no matter what they can never taste the same as the ones you can get at games or the fair or wherever.
Back to enjoying the nice weather...Jesse and I went and played tennis and softball together on friday. Jesse is quite well rounded when it comes to sports. I swear he can play anything. But that is something I like about him of course. We enjoy playing any sports together but he just has to teach me alot. We also went through the storage unit with my Mom on Saturday and busted out the roller blades.
wow! we are good lookin..ha!

I also got excited to dye some Easter eggs. I found a different way to do it and Jesse was great to help me out and hopefully somewhat enjoyed it as well. They turned out pretty cool I think..


But Jesse probably had more fun making this little guy! The Legos are from the storage unit as well. It brought back good childhood memories for him!

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  1. Tutorial on the eggs por favor!! And you guys are sexy on those roller blades! Rar :)