Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Family Birthday Weekend.

We went down and celebrated my Dad's birthday this last weekend. (wow, I drive from Logan to Kaysville ALOT between work and just things going on) We don't get to see him that often because he is a busy man working all the time. But it was good to get together with everyone. My Grandparents were good sports about coming up and even bringing a roast in the car and putting a meal together! :)
It was also Eli's-my nephews birthday so my sister made the cupcakes and I decorated them as pirates! I really want to get myself a dessert decorator kit now. This was just the beginning of me eating too much sugar lately with birthdays and valentines and having a sweet tooth lately..Doctors appt tomorrow- hopefully since we have been exercising pretty well lately I haven't gained too much ha!
These are my cute nephews Eli and Garrett. We tried to take pictures of them together this weekend but it kinda failed. But I sure do Love spending time with them!
And here is a photo of Garrett-I helped my sister takes some newborn pictures! She is great. Getting her ready to take some for me and our baby..soon! ;)

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