Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Favorite Things

Favorite of late.

Well I must say I am enjoying my time relaxing. And I don't know why I have been a little more tired lately. I hope I am not this tired the rest of the pregnancy but if so I guess can handle it. But one of my favorite things to do lately is just sit on the couch and watch my belly. I know that sounds kinda weird. But it is so entertaining to see my little guy move all around inside me. So amazing. And I just love the fact that I can feel him move around daily...I feel like I don't have to sit and worry so much now. But I do tend to sit there for a good amount of time and realize I haven't accomplished anything, but I guess thats just something I can enjoy right now and I am going to cherish those moments (and not forget them..thats why I have to write it down).

Which brings me to another point that I don't want to forget and I might as well write it down now. I have to remember the blessings that Heavenly Father gives Jesse and I! I must admit I was kinda frustrated at the fact that I was searching and applying all over the place for a job when we moved up here and I had no success. I couldn't figure out why I couldn't get a nursing job. It stressed me out because our plan was for Jesse to focus on school and not work but I would work full time and we would get by on my income up here just fine. Why wasn't I being blessed when I was praying to find a job? Not much income coming in and a baby on the way..not the ideal situation. But I have come to find out I was missing the blessings Heavenly Father was giving us. We were blessed with family/people helping us out and having a good amount of money saved up in our savings! Also the fact that I am not working full time is a blessing so I can get the rest I need while pregnant and I can stay healthy and not be exhausted and stressed. I also am able to work a little at my job in Ogden and possibly have the option to work there occasionally after I have the baby to keep up with my nursing which then I don't have to worry about finding a place that would hire someone that only wanted to work on occasion if that is what I decide. We have also been able to spend time with each other and our family that you can never replace. I don't want to forget about these blessings I almost overlooked.

Another favorite thing that Jesse and I discovered a while ago, but enjoyed it again today was a lemonade popsicle. ( I know its winter-and it is snowing as I write this, but they are still good) Not just any lemonade popsicle...but we get the fresh lemonade drinks from Chick fil la and make our own popsicles. (I should try to find a copy-cat recipe of their lemonade) Delicious! You should try it sometime..

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