Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Down to Kaysville we go!

This past weekend we went back down to Kaysville-
we can't ever be away from there for too long! :)
I sure was excited to go down for not only this reason but it sure does put a smile on my face!.....PUMPKIN SHAKES from Dairy Queen! Love them! It's probably is a good thing for me that there is not a Dairy Queen in Logan...

We actually had the pleasure of being invited again from the Smith's to the Castaway tournament. A little late this year but they had to get it done, and we sure enjoyed it.
We did worry that it was going to be freezing or raining on us but it actually ended up being nice weather.
This is my proud picture of being able to put my name on the women's longest drive contest. I am not really a golfer..but sometimes I can randomly hit the ball well. But I didn't end up winning..it was probably pretty close. ha!
Jesse also had an amazing drive! If it was a couple feet more he would of had the men's longest drive. It was pretty impressive. And his putt from across the green that he made was pretty amazing as well.
We had a great time. No need to tell you our end score..just that we had fun! :)

After the tournament we went to the Lloyd's Cabin by Pineview and spent the night there. It was good to spend time with all our friends-chatting, watching a scary movie, playing hide-n-seek. We woke up the next morning and made scones. The boys decided to bring back some memories of using the deep fryer...they decided to sneak some random candy in some scones. By the end they had reeses, kit kats, marshmellows, and what ever other candy deep fried in the scones...gross I know.

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  1. Sonic's pumpkin pie shakes are pretty close to DQ. So if you need a substitute, call me up and I'll go with you.
    Are you going to blog about your weekend trip to St. George? It's beginning to be a trend that you blog about your weekend fun.
    Wish I could have some fun on a weekend . . .