Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Well, it's been pretty much been the normal working and school these past two weeks. I am very grateful that I have a job right now but am still in search for one since this temporary one ends this month-makes me nervous thinking about no income coming in! Just pray that something opens and I can find a job and get hired!
 We went up to the cabin at Bear Lake to watch conference and relax. Conference was great as you all know-I'm spiritually uplifted and full of gratitude!
Driving through Logan canyon right now is beautiful! So many colors, I love the bright yellows and reds mixed in of course with the greens and oranges. That kind of stuff just makes me smile! And pictures just can't show you as well! Just a couple I took but missed the real good stuff! As Jesse said some things just have to stay as memories..then I had to remind him I don't have much of a memory-I have to take pictures to remember things..even if just to remind me that it was even more beautiful!
Jesse was able to go duck hunting Monday morning with his friend Zac! He had a great time even though no ducks were brought home to eat...I wasn't quite sure about eating one he killed yet though anyways ha! Maybe next time!

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