Friday, December 16, 2011

lazy days.

This is about how I feel lately...lazy and unproductive. and bored. Jesse tries to make me feel better by telling me I am being very productive making this baby. You can only lay around on your computer or watching tv for so long until your completely bored. Why can I not get a job? :( I must say it is nice that Jesse gets to sit around with me now for this Christmas break. I can't complain a bit about that. I say this is our last time just to relax together until this baby comes! We get a whole month together! :) minus him going to San Fran this weekend with all the boys for the monday night 49's game.
and this is also how I feel..I honestly don't even know what to do...I don't feel like I have anything to do. I know crazy. and some people might be feeling jealous especially during the holiday season when people are busy, but trust me it feels much better to be productive.
I know I am going to look back and wish I would of done so many things...I just can't think of them right now.
nope..I sure did not.

Anyways so yes I prayed to have ways to serve people one morning because I just needed something to do and make me feel better. And it ended up being a better day.
I first helped my sister set up her Christmas tree and spend time with her.
Then Jesse's Dad asked if we would want to come help chop down a tree that fell.

It was a huge tree! Had the chain saw out and we starting hauling it away until it got too dark. And the cute little lady that lived there kept wanting to help. Then we decided we wanted to go to the temple, good way to serve people...but then I was too tired and didn't want to fall asleep there so we went in the morning instead. But it felt so good to actually serve others and do something with myself instead of sitting around all day. So..yes what I am saying is let me know what you would like me to help out with and I would be glad to! :) .....depening on what it is. ;) ha! Now that it is officially the holiday season I feel that we will be busy doing things with family but come January I wont know what to do with myself .

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