Thursday, December 22, 2011

We are having a baby...

Yesterday was an exciting day for us! A little early Christmas Present! (Of course I could not wait till Christmas) And I can't keep it a secret from everyone else! I must say I convince myself that it was a girl, Jesse was still just neutral about what he thought. But like I said we did not care if our first was a boy or girl. I was very surprised and very happy! I even asked the ultrasound tech if she was sure. She kinda laughed at me and said something like Oh I am sure, did you not see that? So she showed us a few times and it sure was quite clear that our baby is a boy! She was able to see everything she needed to and our baby is healthy and growing! I read to drink orange juice before so your baby will be awake and move around. And it sure did work!

Here are two little clips from the ultrasound that you should be able to see clearly that our little baby is a boy! But then again these ultrasound I think I hard to understand what your seeing sometimes without the tech explaining. The second video shows a little in 3D. Enjoy!

Or if the videos don't work here are the links:


  1. I voted boy! Hee Hee... Congrats on a healthy baby! Aunt Paula

  2. Oh my gosh! There is actually a little baby in there! That 3d thing is awesome. Aww so great!

  3. I can't believe I was wrong! But I am actually happy I was! William will need a boy cousin!