Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wrapping up December.

Well, I am going to try to remember what we have done the last few weeks. It's kinda hard to when I forget to take pictures sometimes and when we have no type of structure hanging out in Kaysville. We sat around ALOT... It's been a good break and we are still enjoying our last week until Jesse starts school on January 9.
The one thing we enjoyed from Logan during this Christmas season before coming down here...we call it...The Tree of Life!
Jesse, his Dad, and brother Matt, as well as a bunch of Jesse's friends (No Girls allowed) took a road trip down to San Fransico for the 49's Monday Night Football game. They enjoyed driving the 12+ hours in the motor home to California and just hanging out all weekend there. It was a fun good game..they say!

While they were in San Fran we went to the BYU basketball game which was so loud (Quinn didn't enjoy the noise so much) and then down to Panguitch for Ella's baby blessing!
We also had the Jensen Christmas Party...and this is my last year to sit on Santa's lap since we will have our own child next Christmas.
Christmas Eve was a filled day. We started out by going to the gym...we tried to work out during this break since we had the time to most the time-sometimes the laziness gets to ya though. We went out to breakfast with my Dad and hung out with my siblings for a while and helped my sister make Christmas goodies.

One of Jesse's family traditions is to go out to eat and see a movie. We went to the Brick Oven and then saw Sherlock Homes.
Christmas day of course was great. Opened all our many gifts. Big thanks to everyone! Jesse and I decided we would dress well for Christmas day-show some holiday spirit. Since we didn't really have a ugly sweater party this year...
And you can't forget the very awkward maternity picture...we highly enjoy making fun of pictures you can find on the internet..and we just like to make things awkward. :)
The day after Christmas we went shooting. I decided to go with all the boys since I enjoy it as well. It sadly didn't last too long because a herd of sheep ended it early for us. But after we also went to the worst smelling place in Utah...Stinky Springs out by Corine (west of Brigham) which I guess people go bath in sometimes. I don't know if  since I have super smeller right now but I think everyone would agree with me that its stinks so bad-hence the name I guess. After we went to Smith and Edwards and the boys got some new guns. Jesse is pretty even more manly now with his hand gun. Keeping me and the baby safe! :)
That night we went to the lights with my Fam at Temple Square. Always have to at least go once during the season right?!
 We also went to the zoo with my siblings since during the winter the last Wednesday of the month is free. We also went to Red Robin and I got my bottomless fries that I love so well as bottomless freckled lemonade-delicious!
Well it's been a wonderful break..I think Jesse is ready to get back to school and just get her done! I still really want a job! sad. I still have hope that one will come real soon! :)

We are really looking forward to this next year! A baby, Jesse graduates with his Masters, we move back down south and much more!

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  1. I'm excited for you two! We went and saw the lights on the 26th surprised I didn't see you!