Monday, January 30, 2012


This last weekend we went down to Kaysville because I worked for two days down there. (yah! for working so we can make some money) It ended up being great because we were able to be there when my sister had her baby. We hung out with my mom and watched Eli all day Friday and then went and visited my sister Brooke and husband Eria in the hospital to see their new handsome baby boy! 
Garrett Tokanang
-7 lbs 4 oz 19 in-
Yes, this makes me even more excited to have OUR little baby boy here! But we can wait! :) Jesse was able to finally feel our little boy kick. I would like to say he is sorta just like his Daddy in that way. Sly about it. He probably thinks its funny that I will feel him kick and but then when I put my hand or Jesse's hand on my stomach to feel him again NOTHING...Why do I say he is like his father in that way? Well I might be stretching it but Jesse is quite the funny boy if you really know him..but he is sly about it. He'll do something funny but if you missed it he wont repeat it. But I sure hope our little boy is like his Daddy in many ways! :) ...and hopefully only takes after me with my good qualities! ha!

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