Saturday, January 21, 2012

Another Half Way Point.

I can't forget to mention that Jesse is now just around half way through the MBA program! He will officially be done with school the June 1st. (Which maybe it will be a good thing if the baby comes a little bit late. Like June 2nd would actually be a good time. But I really wanted a May baby. Either way it will work out, we are not worried) He has been working really hard and keeping really busy. This semester there is not a lot of class time but between all the meetings and group projects and reading/homework he is quite the busy man. He also just took on around 10 hours a week of work being an assistance for a professor. (good experience for him, he says) I admire him for his hard work. 

Me, on the other hand, I am trying to keep myself busy. I work down south occasionally at my job I have had for the last year but sorta quit when we moved up here but staying PRN (as needed)...but I am hoping to work more there starting February. I had two interviews this week for a job...and I must say I felt kinda guilty going to both of them just knowing that I would only be planning on working there for around 4 1/2 months. No one wants to hire someone that will only be working that long... :( So we are hoping I can just continue to work a good amount at my Ogden job. I have been working on my homemaking skills lately though. ha. At least I felt like I have done better about making dinner each night (healthy ones too) and just cleaning and doing the wifey's jobs. Cooking dinner and cleaning the dishes by hand every day is kinda already getting old and tedious for me though-I am a little worried. :S but trying to make a good habits! 

Also Jesse is moving on up in this technology world finally. He made the switch to a smart phone! Which was a much needed upgrade for him as you see. He is loving it. And since found out about the "words with friends" game...and then I started as well playing it on my i pod-I haven't made the switch yet to a fancy phone and as long as I don't play around with Jesse's enough to know what I am missing out on a think I am completely satisfied with my phone that you can make calls, text, and even take basic pictures. :)

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