Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Back Home.

I must say I was pretty spoiled to be able to spend all that time with Jesse! We had a good month together...even though sometimes we were quite bored and didn't know what to do with ourselves. I am definitely grateful for all that time we had together...and really it is our last 'break' we get just the two of us! (-but of course we are excited to have our little boy join us!) Jesse will be in school till May-and Spring break he gets the opportunity to go to Japan for school. The last week we had down in Kaysville we decided to enjoy dinner at Prairie Schooner just the two of us! (But I think we ate out almost everyday that week...)

So yes, it snowed. I knew it was going to come..I have to admit I don't really care for the snow. I just get cold and wet...and I have to scrap off my car. I enjoy it more when I actually put the snow to good use. Like snowboarding/skiing, sledding....or making snow man!...
We went out that morning to go shovel all the snow I noticed that it was good snow man making snow. My Mom LOVES snowman so we decided to go over to her house and surprise her! :)
We had a good time making them...they are quite lovely. I enjoyed the snow just a little more... And now my mom gets to enjoy them in her front yard! :)

So now we are back in Logan. I don't think I have ever spent that long away from my own home before...even though Jesse's parent's house is basically our 2nd home. Its good to be back-not much has changed for me-plenty of unpacking, cleaning, and putting away Christmas stuff to at least keep me busy for this week. Jesse is back into his 2nd semester of the MBA program-hopefully it will go smoothly till he graduates this May! Crazy!

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  1. haha you forgot to mention you were also spoiled for the whole month at Hotel Jensen with free stay, free food service and free cleaning services!