Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Half Way!

Half Way = 20 weeks pregnant.
I thought I should give a little pregnancy update as well.
I am feeling great! Basically I've felt good since a little after 2nd trimester started and can't complain too much! Which this is when everyone says you feel the best so not a surprise. Somedays I even can say I don't feel pregnant at all! (but then again that sometimes makes me worry too much--it bothers me that we worry so much that everything is o.k-an ultrasound each day would help that :) )
My appetite is back..yeah I knew that wouldn't last too long. But Jesse and I are trying to eat healthy since over the break we didn't do so well with that. Also we are back to exercising a little better as well...not the same as I was before I was pregnant. I don't know how people run throughout there whole pregnancy...lately sometimes after like a quarter mile its uncomfortable for my belly. 
And speaking of my belly...well somedays I still feel just fat, other days I think OK maybe I do look pregnant..(but you never know if its just bloating ha!) I still try to kinda hide it. I basically have to wear a belly band with my pants and I have bought one pair of pregnancy pants...which I might still just wear when I am not pregnant because they are great! So I don't really know what I think of belly pictures but a lot of people told me I will want them...
I had to put away these cute clothes that we have for our baby boy the other day! It makes me excited! I am trying to be good and not go buy a bunch of stuff. I have only bought him one far. It was on sale. ha But I am going to try wait and not go buy everything..but I sure do want to!


  1. All of your "I am not going to be a cute pregnant lady," should be put to the past. You look like a cute pregnant lady to me! It made me excited to be pregnant when a lot of the time it sounds hard to carry more weight...well and I am not married.