Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I forgot to write a little something about Jesse and getting his lasik! I don't know if I was more excited or if he was but I know he sure appreciates it now! :) I think he might of been a little worried before the surgery/procedure whatever you would call it-you just never know what could happen! It was a quick 10 minute thing that Corbin and I watched and basically this laser machine did the whole thing-of course with the Doctor guiding it. Jesse went in with 20/200 vision (yes basically blind) and the next day was 20/15. Pretty amazing! He had to wear these shields on his eyes for the few nights to protect his eyes. The surgery was not painful at all-his only complaint was that his eyes were of course sensitive the next couple days and very dry. He was putting in eye drops every couple hours. One of the eye drops he calculated out that it was $3 per was an expensive bottle of drops lets just say-. But we can't complain too much since we got the whole thing done pretty cheap-since we won it! We will always be grateful to the Bullard's ' Of Love' Tennis Tournament.
 So no more glasses for Jesse! It was kind of weird for him to think he didn't need them at all anymore and he ended up donating them the next day after he said his goodbyes! I think the only thing he misses about them are that they were a great head scratcher. :)
Right before the surgery
Prepping his eyes
During the surgery
After with his shields on under his sunglasses-lookin good....

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