Monday, January 21, 2013

Time to get out of this rut!

Well, I think (I sure hope) I am safe to say we are just about all better here and over that nasty bug that hit us all! Jesse got sick first with Corbin and I thought I was safe and stayed clear of it but sadly got hit hard with it as well...and it's been rough. Taking care of your child when your sick is not easy! My ears are still plugged-can't tell you why..but at least I am feeling so much better! Hopefully we can now get out of this rut of sitting around at home all day doing nothing! Corbin just finished his last abx (crossing my fingers there wont be another one). Corbin had 3 ear infections in the last month-within a day or 2 of ending one abx the other ear would get infected and we would have to put him on another one! poor guy! Which is why we have to now look into putting tubes in Corbin's ears. :( 
  I must admit though that I am going to go crazy if I have to stay home for another week! We have stayed home day after day because I didn't want to make anyone else sick but I am in need of some adult interaction-and more than just a quick run to the store! ha!
These last couple days its been so nice to be able to start up exercising at home again, I actually looked forward to being able to!! Jillian Michaels kicks my butt. :) I would really like to be able to go running outside which sounds crazy because I am still trying to get back into shape and find that love for running again (and I need to start training for my race...)but the biggest thing is that I would really appreciate just some nice weather.  I am pretty sure that the inversions and cold has a negative effect on me.. so I am about done with this snow and cold-sorry to all you winter lovers..but I wouldn't mind if spring came early this year! :)
So out of this rut of laying around and being unproductive we climb! Time to start on those goals for the year! ;) and hope that Corbin didn't make a habit of needing to sleep on me...I gave in too many times when he was sick...and I'm a little worried.

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