Monday, December 31, 2012

The Holiday Season

We had a wonderful holiday season- minus the fact that Jesse and Corbin have been sick for the past two weeks! I felt like the holidays came and pasted very quickly because for some reason I feel so busy all the time. Not busy with anything particular just little things adding up I guess.
 Christmas Eve we got together at my moms house for lunch and games and gift exchange! After we went with the Jensens for there tradition of dinner and a movie! We went and saw Lincoln, Jesse loved it...I was bored out of my mind sadly to say. I just don't enjoy history or politics and didn't understand a lot that was going on. ha! yeah I know..It was a good movie-just not for me. Good thing we just went and saw Les miserables to make up for it! :)
you can't tell that we put the camera on a timer right?! :)
Can you tell that Corbin wasn't quite in the mood to take pictures...
All the cousins
Christmas day we hung out with both families and are very blessed with the gifts we received. Jesse and I both talked about not getting anything big this year because of the new house and furniture we just bought. We still bought a few small things for each other. But Jesse and Corbin surprised me with a new computer! :) My current one might die any day without notice and Jesse said its important that we don't lose all of my stuff-especially pictures! I am grateful for it and already loving it!
Grandpa Blaine Jensen
Grandma Jensen
New years we went up to the Cabin at Bear Lake. We went sledding which I haven't done for a while it feels like. I am not quite the daredevil I used to be... probably because of the combination of being older and being a mother. And Jesse ended up with a huge fat lip!

 I went snowmobiling for the first time! It was beautiful! But I definitely learned very quickly that you do not want a single inch of skin showing because you freeze! A tiny strip of my forehead was showing for a bit and I felt like it froze my whole brain! But after I got that covered up I was able to enjoy the ride. Jesse is not a huge fan of the off-road type of snowmobiling because he has learned from the past it can be quite dangerous because he has flipped the snowmobile and it rolled down a steep hill. So knowing that and hearing the many stories of people getting stuck in tons of powder made me little nervous trying it out-but I enjoyed it! Glad I was able to try it out for the first time! I also learned that your arms can get tired quite fast steering those things! Guess I need to work my arms out a little more! ;)

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  1. I need those to get those pictures from you! Lucky you for getting a computer. Snowmobiling looked like it was fun.