Wednesday, December 26, 2012

7 months

Is Corbin really 7 months now?! It just seems old...when someone says their baby is 7 months it always seemed so far away for Corbin to be there. I guess being past 6 months is just an old baby now? ha! 
He is getting bigger...but still so short! His legs and arms don't fit into clothes very well and he has stubby hands and feet. I love his chubby roll-filled thighs! He did gained 1.5 lbs this last month! I think he is starting to look even more chunky now!...or more like a ball..
This kid loves food! Bottomless pit sometimes I feel like! He will eat basically anything I give him. He was a little picky there for a while but more because he wanted our food and not baby food. He LOVES puffs-I give them to him more as a treat now. Or since he was sick this last little while I gave him as much as he wanted to make him happy!
 It is the worst thing when your child is sick! Last week in the middle of the night he woke up with a fever and you could tell he wasn't feeling so great. He continued to have one the next morning to I called and took him in. He had an ear infection on one side so he is on abx right now-and boy they make his poop smell awful! (which they are already a little more smelly from solid food) ha! He is feeling better now but still not 100% because he has a cold. :(
Corbin is still becoming more vocal, mostly grunts or says mamamamama-I wish it really was "mama" but its not. Sleeping is improving I feel like, except for a little set back with him sick-hopefully we are back to where we were. Most days he still can't be awake more than 2 hours, he starts getting a little fussy and I take him in his room and sing him a song ("you are my sunshine"-he knows thats the sleep song now. It almost always calms him down) and most the time he lays his head on my chest and sucks him thumb (which I think he the sweetest thing and I love it) and then I put him down. His naps are about an hour long-sometimes a little bit longer or shorter. I am pleased when he goes 9 hours at night and of course still hoping for more! He is happy as long as he gets enough sleep!...and food.
He rolls and scoots on his belly all around the room-he prefers to be on his belly. He bounces on his belly and waves his arms and legs which make sit looks like he is swimming and he gets up on all fours but has only gone backwards so i'm wondering if he will start crawling soon? He sits up basically by himself now-but after a while will fall over.
He definitely knows his Mama and Daddy now and smiles all the time for us! He loves being held and doesn't like being in a room by himself.  
I can't get enough of him!! He gets smothered with kisses all the time!...and he enjoys them! :)
nov. 30
Dec 3-eating like a champ!
Dec 4
Dec 5
Dec 6
Dec 8-Enjoys his bouncer..for a long as I'm near him.
Dec 9-messy boy....Dad fed him..
Dec 12-I love a little boy in jeans and shoes!
Dec 14-eating his feet in the bath tub!
Dec 19-Bored to goofy
Dec 21-admiring his chubbiness
Dec 23-Football boy

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