Sunday, December 23, 2012

Week of parties!

This last week has been a busy but good week. The best part is that Jesse had the week off (expect for Tuesday) and we were able to spend a good amount of time together! It was a week of parties and outings for us with one every night Sunday through Friday! 
Sunday we were with Jesse's Mom's family-with Grandpa and Grandma Haws. The usual eating, playing games, and presents. We say thats the smaller side of the family but now its up to having around 26ish people I want to say. 
Monday we went to Chuck E. Cheese's for just a bit...always love some arcades. Corbin will enjoy them someday. We also had Grandpa and Grandma Jensen family Christmas party-which I have no idea on numbers there-a lot of people! They have Santa come and bring a presents for all the kids. It was Corbin's first time with Santa-it didn't even phase him-he immediately just went for eating his present. 
Tuesday we got together with Jesse's friends (and mine too now (:) It's there tradition to go to Joy luck in Bountiful for dinner! We had Corbin stay at home but it was weird not having him when most the babies were there, but it was for the best that he stayed home and slept. (Thanks to my mom for hanging out at our house that night)
Wednesday was Jesse's sibling get together. We went to City Creek, attempted to take a picture with all of our kids (the grandkids), ate at Cheesecake factory, walked around Temple Square, and did our gift exchange.
Thursday we got together with some of my friends and had a little party at our place-first time hosting a party ha! With again the usual eating dinner, playing games, and a little gift exchange.
Friday was Jesse's worked party-again we left Corbin home to sleep due to his early bedtime. We went out to eat but it was basically with the fam-with Scott, Dallin, and Megan.
Saturday we went to the Ogden lights with some of my family. They had never seen them before. We even tried out the street tacos which were delicious but also had to get an ice cream at Farr's! We made sure Corbin was nice and bundled up! He just sat in his stroller the whole time and didn't mind walking around at all.
Lets just say all my hard work with eating better and exercising failed this last week. And probably for the next couple days but then hopefully it will get better-but its no surprise with the holidays! right? ( I have no control when it comes to all the sweets around)
It was fun to get together with friends and family every night this past week!-love that about the holidays! But it might of made for an exhausting week for both Corbin and Jesse. Corbin has an ear infection-first time he has been really sick. Breaks my heart to see him in pain-the saddest cry. :( Hopefully he will feel better real soon. And Jesse also got really sick-lets just say it made for one very long exhausting night between taking care of my boys all night! Hopefully both will feel better for this Christmas week! So we can continue to have fun together! :)

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