Friday, December 14, 2012

Man Trip to San Fran

I almost forgot to document about Jesse's man trip! Maybe the fact that I didn't go is why I forgot about it. Ha just kidding I actually got the invitation but decided driving in the car with Corbin for 12 + hours or so just didn't sound that appealing...and I had plenty of unpacking to do. I think it needed to stay a man's trip for now. But that might change in years to come...quite of few of those boys left their wives home with a baby! We are all so kind. But I really am glad Jesse can stay in touch with all his friends..I need to be better. I should make Jesse write this post then huh? It would be more entertaining...Anyways I do most..or all the journaling for our family so I guess I will document just a bit...meaning stealing pictures that other people took!
Back right before Thanksgiving Jesse went to San Francisco with all of his buddies for a few days and just hung out, ate a lot, went to a horse race for his first time, and of course went to the 49er's Monday Night Football game! 
Oh my goofy husband...sure do love him. Glad he had a fun time!

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