Thursday, February 28, 2013

Time with the Tokanangs

Party and Zoo Time that is.
It was my sister Brooke's kid's Birthdays this past month or so with Eli turning 3 and Garrett turning 1! We decided to throw them a little birthday party and had family and a few friends come to celebrate for both of them! Eli has been obsessed with Angry birds lately and Brooke wanted Garrett to have a "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" theme so we combined a little of both and I just made the invitation on my computer.
Eli was pretty excited and when people walked in he would let them know it was his Angry Birds party and he had a Angry Birds cake.
Most of the time we just let the kids just play around and opened up gifts.
My Mom made this adorable blanket for Garrett and I am attempting one for Corbin right now..
Corbin loved the balloons and just crawl all over the place to try to get them!
And my Mom enjoys playing with Corbin's hair way too much!
Corbin also just loved the balls and would hold it in one hand and crawl around with it.

I made a little smash cake for Garrett with the Hungry Caterpiller-Jesse happen to work a little later that night so I had some extra time after I put Corbin down and decorated the cake! (We attempted to make a Hungry Caterpillar cake ball display thing but it fell apart in the car on the way there.. :( )
And then Brooke and I (mostly Brooke) made an Angry Birds pinata which turned out quite well! And Eli of course loved it!

On Wednesday, Brooke and I decided to take advantage of the sunny weather (and finally get some vitamin D) and enjoy free Zoo day! Eli had never been to the zoo so he was pretty excited. We had a great time even though a lot of the animals were not out but we were able to see plenty and enjoy the fun outing together!
The monkeys
Elephants weren't out.... :(
The seals-which was new since last time I went.
Polar bear...also new to me.
The brown bear
And my favorite-The giraffes!
Corbin seemed to enjoy it!

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  1. Great Job on the cake Marissa. I love your coat at the zoo!