Friday, March 1, 2013

Corbin is 9 months!

Well the 9 month post is finally I can't believe it. I have been anxious to go to the doctors again to see all his percentiles-I don't know why because I basically knew how they were going to be. Its obvious he has a big head and he is quite short. The fact that I can still fit him into a pair of 3 month pants you can't deny that my little buddy has some short legs-just like his parents. His percentiles are weight: 18.56 lbs-18% head: 18.5 in-92% length: 26.3 in-3% Yes, I had her measure twice and the second time I got the quarter of an inch more that bumped him up from the 1% to the 3%. haha!
 He is not so chunky once again based on his percentiles but some have mentioned he appears to look like a ball. But a very cute ball of course-so as long as he stays so cute he can't be made fun of right? haha I am totally joking. Even though he has been wearing a lot of the same clothes for quite a few months now, I get sad when he can't fit into them anymore. He is hitting another point where I have to put away clothes and get new ones out! Bitter-sweet.
Corbin is definitely getting more active and curious. With of course putting everything in his mouth still. I don't know how he finds the smallest piece of anything and tries to eat it. He (army) crawls around everywhere and is now standing up on things. The last couple days he just figured out how to stand up in his crib-the little stinker. If he doesn't want to take a nap he is just standing up in there but then freaks out more because he can't get himself back down gracefully yet. We just put the crib down lower but it doesn't help with the problem of him being able to stand up in there...He loves to go stand up by his humidifier and turn it on and off. He was pretty proud of himself the first time he did it. 
This is where it started on the knees..
And now this all the time.
he loves finding things he can stand up with!
As of right now I don't have to worry about him wandering off too far from me and getting into things because he definitely wants me around him constantly. I am beginning to think he is a little high maintenance that way and hope he will be able to play with himself a little bit instead of needing my constant and absolute attention. He is a smart boy that way-when I try and sneak away or even just peak at my phone he knows and doesn't allow it. ha! I think that will stop soon enough though and I will have to chase after him..but for now he just loves to crawl all over me.
my goofy rolly boy
Corbin now has 4 teeth! (his teeth could be part of the reason he get a little needy sometimes?..) The 2 bottom middle teeth and then he has his 2 eye teeth popping in. A little goofy looking but cute and you can't really see them that well-I have been trying to get a picture they just don't show that often.
He loves bath time now and just splashes around and tries to grab the water. He gets a confused look on his face every time he splashes himself in the face and he loves his dino toys in aunt Megan and uncle Dallin gave him!
Corbin still loves to eat. And has not denied anything I have given him. Sometimes I seriously think that if I fed him all day long he would continue to eat. He eats anything we eat now which is kinda nice  but I just have to be prepared to share anything I am eating. And I did finally get out the high chair for him!
He goes to bed around 7 every night which is sometimes hard because it seems so early when we want to go out and do things but the nights we are home-which is most the time-its nice to have that time after he goes down. He wakes up usually around 5ish and eats then goes back to bed till 6:30-7ish. In the perfect world it would be nice if I didn't have to wake up and feed him still and if he slept in just a bit later..haha! maybe someday. He usually takes two naps about 1 hour each-one around 9ish and then other around 1ish. Then in the late afternoon he occasionally takes a quick cat nap.
When Corbin gets hungry or tired if I am holding him he will lay his head of my chest and suck his thumb-and I still think it is the sweetest thing. It just doesn't last very long before he expects something more than just cuddling. He doesn't take a binky at all anymore and hasn't for a while actually but still likes to chew on them sometimes. He still has to suck him thumb though in order to fall asleep.
He has been a little chatter box lately and jabbers a lot of the day. He has said dada quite often but I can't tell if he associates it with Dad yet but a few times when I have showed him a picture of Jesse he has said Dada..and he repeats it when I do. He used to say mama a lot more but now wont even repeat it-funny boy. Also, he is the gassiest little boy I know...seriously. It's crazy how much he does and how loud they are! Makes church and going other places a bit interesting sometimes. haha!
He definitely has some funny face expressions and keeps me entertained! And now for of course the photo dump of the last month...its hard to pick and choose which ones to share. ha can you take too many pictures??
oh my I miss his cheeser smiles..he doesn't do them much anymore.. 
just hanging out playin with my leg propped up in my toy.
working out hardcore.
Loves his Daddy
gettin fancy for church
pants on the ground and ready for bath time!...cottage cheese..
am I a mean mom for hiking his pants up?
tubby time with cousin Max
this is 'I am tired and emotional' face
and after a little nappy he is happy again
His gross new obsession his he loves going for the toilet-the little caps on the bottom! He used to just sit outside the bathroom as I got ready but now he gets all excited and heads straight for the toilet. ugh..gross! Don't worry I don't ever let him play with them..just this one time to snap a picture!
And of course since he has gotten to the stage where he doesn't want to sit still it was a little difficult to get his monthly picture taken in his chair. Just wanted to either sit up or get out or stand up.

so then I tried strapping him in.
Then calling it good enough!

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  1. Ooh My Marissa he is SO DANG CUTE!! I love all your cute pictures of him. We should get together, I haven't seen you since the castaway like a year and a half ago!! I hope your doing well!