Saturday, March 16, 2013

3 years and counting

Jesse and I were able to celebrate our 3rd anniversary and spend the whole day together on Wednesday! I must say it was one great day and Jesse said it was near to the perfect day! Last year, to be reminded, he was away for school in Japan on our anniversary but we still did at least get to celebrate it together when he got home! 
We were able to go to the temple in the morning while Jesse's Mom watched Corbin for us.

We came home and put Corbin down for a nap and took a short naps ourselves. Then we took a quick trip up Adams Canyon and went on a small hike. Once you got into the canyon there was still quite a bit of snow so it was a little too dangerous carrying Corbin. But it was PERFECT weather for a little hike! Such a beautiful day. We were talking about how crazy it was the same day of the year we got married when it was an absolute blizzard on our wedding day! More memories we say. ha!
Corbin loved the hike! He loved being carried in our new hiking carrier thing! (don't know the real name for it) I am glad he liked it so we can go many more times! :)
That night we were able to have my Mom watch Corbin as we were able to go out on a little date to PFchangs! and it was delicious...we haven't been there for a while and it was a good choice! And of course Jesse surprised me with some beautiful flowers to enjoy the next couple weeks! :)
These 3 years have been amazingly wonderful together! :)

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