Saturday, March 23, 2013

Testing my limits

Seriously this just happened!! Venting session is about to begin..
A green smoothie splattered EVERYWHERE! and glass.. (these pictures don't do justice)
yeah..its a bummer no matter what when this kind of stuff happens but I had just about reached my limits right before this happened...I was tired and exhausted not only because Corbin has been fussy the last couple days (I think because he is teething) He basically hasn't stopped crying or fussing when we are home mostly because he refuses to sleep which doesn't help the situation at all (why wont my child sleep?!)..and the fact that I had just ran 13.5 miles that morning and that just makes you quite tired. So..both didn't make this lovely situation better for me at the time.

I thankfully was able to keep my cool and just stood there in shock for a second and didn't know what to be more upset with..(but really just wanted to cry)
--The fact that I had just got done cleaning the kitchen!and there was now green smoothie splattered EVERYWHERE in my kitchen ( I know I am going to find splatters of it for the next week in random places) and I had just opened the drawer and grabbed another rag to finish cleaning the stove and left it slightly opened, and it spilled into the drawer, so now most of my rags and towels are stained with green... (it has stained all of Corbin's bibs so most likely will leave a lovely stain on all the rags)
--or the fact I had just deep cleaned the kitchen floor the day before.
--or.. like I mentioned I was tired and exhausted and hungry..and now my lunch was gone. all that food wasted and gone! :( and one of my favorite glasses for my smoothies was now shattered as well.)

and just so I don't think later "you are stupid to put a glass of smoothie by your child on the counter" was not within his reach and I made sure it wasn't because I know better but I didn't know he can take off his tray and then whack the smoothie off the counter. seriously I think I should retire the bumbo and no more sitting on the counter-he is right about there to not being able to fit into it. Sitting in his high chair for now....he just wont enjoy it since he wont be by me. (not that I am completely blaming him for this mess)

and all I really wanted was to lay down and relax and rest just a bit! (without a crying baby)
Did I mention everything is more dramatic when your tired and exhausted! ;)
Thats why you document it, so you can look back at it and laugh about it!...oh the many more messes to come with raising a child! :)

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