Friday, August 26, 2016

a little life update/Mikaela is 4 months old

wow time sure goes by fast with you have 3 little ones! (and life just gets a little crazier) But I keep saying that having one child and transitioning into motherhood was a lot harder for me than having 3 kids! Life is good...I feel like I got the hang of things for the most part. haha I mean my house is never cleaned but I would rather go out and do fun things with the kids than clean....and when I am home I am just cleaning one mess after another. (some days I just get frustrated that I never see the result of cleaning because it doesn't last long) 
We came home from Utah and I have been wanting to go back basically the week we got home because I don't feel like much goes on around here when its so hot. We (well I) try to keep busy doing things because I can only handle being home with them so much before I feel too isolated from everything--and then I miss family and feel alone. Yes I have plenty to keep myself busy so I am not necessarily ever bored because my list is never ending but I have always been one that likes to be around people. We have been going to Spring Preserve, children's Discovery Museum, Kangamoo indoor playground, swimming/splash pads, I took the kids to a $1 movie-whatever to keep us busy! I am enjoying this phase of life where we don't have any commitments that I have to worry about or have to be home by a certain time or anything--I know that will change in the next year or so when Corbin is really in school. He starts his little preschool in a little less than a month now where he will go 2 days a week for 3 hours. So for now we do whatever we want whenever we want.

As far as Mikaela, well she still isn't sleeping much at night..some nights are worst than others as far as how much sleep I get but she tends to just end up in bed with me because thats how we both get the most sleep. The last 2 weeks or so she has been fighting naps and doesn't nap for long and I think the whole sleep begets sleep isn't going for her very well. But thankfully I am getting enough sleep for the most part so I can handle it usually-and hopefully she will figure the whole nap thing out and then sleep longer stretches at night. I can't quite figure out how she wants to be rocked to sleep so usually she finally gets to the point she's so exhausted she gives in. And you never know if something is bothering her or if she is just overly tired sometimes but she has been more needy and fussy but thankfully not hard to calm down...basically wants to be held a lot more now recently-glad a have a few carriers! ;) So over all I would still say she is a happy content baby just not as much as she was before but I am not complaining-she still goes with the flow pretty well and doesn't stop us from doing things!
She's our "sweet princess" as I have heard Corbin call her a few times lately. Having a girl is definitely fun and different from a boy! The boys love her and sometimes even fight over her-but they love to try to play with her. I got her ears pierced at her 4 month appt and think they are super cute even though I know that can be controversial being done so young but I of course thought it was a good idea getting it done sooner than later! And dressing a girl is so much fun! :)
She has started rolling onto her tummy anytime I lay her on her back but then gets frustrated after a few minutes and doesn't want to be laying down on her belly anymore! She is definitely more interested in everything around her and grabs anything within reach. I can't tell is she has started teething or not because I don't feel anything but she of course puts everything in her mouth. 
She is still our happy smiley Mikaela that we love so much!!

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  1. Love reading your blog and adventures of your family. Think you were a smart mommy getting her ears pierced now when mommy can care for them, plus she looks so darn cute with little earrings. Doing it now is better because there is minimal discomfort if any.

    Honestly, until recently I hadn't even considered having her ears pierced. Around six months someone asked me what my plan was and my basic response was, "oh wait! It's a GIRL! I can pierce her eeeaarrrss!!!" So we talked to the pediatrician and she gave the ole thumbs up and she encouraged me to do it now when mommy could care for them. In fact,she had so many moms ask her about it, she gave me a sheet with " Tips and Care for moms having their daughter's ears pierced."

    Your daughter is soO adorable with those cute little earrings. Promise in her pictures, she is saying "thank you" for the "gift of pierced ears." You were wise doing them now when she can't remember having it done. I know her sweet mommy will be taking good care of her adorable little newly pierced ears so she can grow up pretty like her mom.

    Don't feel bad if she was startled, its over and no worse than her shots. She is adorable and saying in those cute pictures, "Thank you mom for giving me the gift of pierced ears so I can look girlie-girl. Some say to wait till their older, which is okay too. Would be happy to share our ped's tips with any moms who want their little girls to look pretty as a princess.