Sunday, September 11, 2011


Logan has been treating us well!
First weekend we were here my sister Candace came for her BYU cross country race. We were able to spend the day with her, my mom, Courtney and Christopher and Max. 
After her race Candace went running with me (what a champ), we went out to lunch all together-which they messed up my order but it ended up being a good thing and we got free fried ice cream out of it-it was delicious! :) made my day! ha
After my mom, candace, courtney and I spend all afternoon canning salsa.
It's a good thing Courtney and Christopher live up here. We have been able to spend a good amount of time together so far..and they keep us from sitting home and doing nothing. 
We had a little BBQ together for Labor day.
Sadie Hawkin's Dance??
yummy food!
I get to spend more time with this cute little guy!
and this cute guy too!

Courtney had been wanting a snowie all summer so we had to go enjoy one for her!

We also wanted to go camping again before the weather gets too cold. We headed up Blacksmith Fork Canyon and found a nice camping area. Smore's and tin foil breakfast then went on a nice hike. It was a great one night get-a-way.

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  1. Uhh, Memorial Day was in May. Labor Day is in September. Ha ha!

    Thanks for including the cheesy picture of Christopher and I. I was too prideful to include it on my blog!