Sunday, July 17, 2016

Mikaela is 3 months old

oh man, I really need to keep updated on this a little better besides just monthly updates on Mikaela. I'll try to get to posting other things as well--but thats what instagram is for ha! 
Oh my little Mikaela! She melts my heart and I am definitely in love with this beautiful baby girl of mine! She has gotten a little more vocal with cooing but is still a pretty content quiet baby. Well actually to be honest from month 2-3 she had a bit of a rough patch. I thought it was from her having her vaccines done and not feeling well because it was from that day on that she was a little more fussy and fought sleep and just wasn't her content self. She really hated the car..and still doesn't love it but is getting better. She would cry all the time in the car though. She naps in the swing all day long and does pretty good with that. (like I said for a while there she was definitely fighting sleep a lot which was frustrating) She still wakes up plenty at night..I don't even keep track really but I know she does one longer spurt at the beginning but in the early morning she is up a lot and then just ends up in bed with me cause I fall asleep and she sleeps better right by me. But sometimes its just once at like between 12-2 then up again at 5ish. usually something around 2 times but is up around 6 if I don't feed her again out of being lazy and tired and not wanting to be up.
She has been the smiliest baby and is happy if she is fed and sleeps enough! Just how babies are suppose to be right! :) She smiles at her brothers and Corbin loves it and makes sure to tell me mom she's smiling at me even when he's yelling in her face...


  1. Such cute pictures! She has the cutest clothes- did you take all of them? They are awesome!

    1. Thank you! No, I did not take all the pictures I had a friend take the ones that look more professional done for her 3 month old photos! (not that I probably needed to get them done since I take plenty myself but I thought it would be fun)