Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Nightly Feedings

 I must say any feedings before about 12:30am or after 5amish are not as bad but for those few hours in between they sure are tough for me to do. (ok so basically for most the night) I am so tired, its hard to stay awake to keep him awake to eat. There have been plenty of times now that we both are just completely out and I wake up with a kinked neck or back and cant really tell you how long I was sitting (sleeping) there...But I have learned if he doesn't stay awake long enough to get all that he needs and I put him back down then he is crying again within about an hour for more. not so much fun. I found the only way I am able to stay awake is to just browse the internet-and it sure got a lot better now that we have the internet at our new place. but I can admit sometimes I get distracted reading something and notice he is sound asleep. looks a bit similar to this maybe?...
 It does take a little longer for me to fall back asleep once I crawl into bed since I wake myself up instead of feeding him half awake. So sometimes I don't know if keeping myself or him awake while trying to feed him is more of a challenge. He usually needs a diaper change so that does the trick for waking him up..at least for a while. But the diaper change itself is quite the process..it is a miracle if he does not spit up all over, pee all over, or pooh all over, or all three while changing him! He has peed on his own face multiple times and even had a straight shot all over mine now! A single diaper change can take up to 3 diapers before he is changed. He can be quite the messy boy! So each time I get up to feed him its about a 45 minute process..and sometimes he spits up just about everything he ate so I have to basically start the whole process over again and change his clothes. He is going about every 2 hours now instead of ever 1.5 hours and he has even gone a 3 hour stretch maybe a couple times (how nice that is). After he eats sometimes he gives me these huge cute smiles and that makes it all worth it right there!
Everyone says sleep when your baby does but I am not a good napper. But I do sleep when he will let me in the mornings. So you can't expect much out of us before about 11-12ish. We are probably snuggling in bed! Which I told myself I didn't want my babies sleeping in bed with me, but in those morning hours when I am desperate for sleep he spends a little time with me. We have tried just about everything to figure out what is best for him to sleep in. A bassinet, a co-sleeper, his car seat, and a swing. And I think the swing is the winner...for now at least. He can't sleep in our room because he is a grunter. So good thing the other room is so close that we can still hear him just not loud enough that we can't sleep. So glad we do have the swing right now...and he sure does look cute in it sleeping or awake..

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  1. Be good to my swing Corbin. You should freak your mom and dad out and sleep in it for five hours straight at night.