Saturday, July 28, 2012

2 months old

I know I just did a little update on my baby boy but I will have to often...I'll try to make this one short. Corbin was 2 months old on the 25th of July. Everyone always says it goes by fast and they grow so fast and at the beginning I didn't care because I just wanted his little body to grow out of his reflux and feel better. I feel like this last week or so he has gotten so much bigger/chunkier! (but what he is wearing can make him look different too)
 I told myself now that I am going to try to enjoy every stage and what it brings. Sometimes I get frustrated that he wants to be held all the time and then I realize I can enjoy this time where he wants to be so cuddly because that might not last. (yes, he is laying in my arm right now half sleeping...and I might be starving and need to go to the bathroom but don't want to wake him up right now because he looks so happy and peaceful sleeping with his hand curled around my finger as he gives me little smiles)

He had his 2 month appt yesterday. Stats: 11 lbs 12 oz 52%, 22 inches 16%, head circumference 16.2 inches 78%. So he is chunking up but still is a short guy with a big head (from the Jensen side..ha!) I sure hope he wont srtuggle with his height all his life!
He also had to get his shots which he only cried for a few seconds and then was tough! It might have hurt Daddy more just to watch it. That night though he woke up crying and had a fever. We gave him Tylenol and it went right back down. But I had to take him back to the doctors in the morning to get a blood sample, urine sample and a respiratory test just to make sure everything was ok. Which wasn't very fun to watch as well.. He also weighed 12 lbs the next day...did I mention he might be chunking up fast? And he is doing just fine today...just wants to be extra cuddly...
exhausted after being poked for all the samples they needed :(

A few more things about what Corbin does lately...

Since he has found his fist and sucks on it (and i've caught him sucking his thumb now) anytime I swaddle him he almost always wiggles his at least one arm out.
I can't tell if he sometimes sleeps with his eyes half open or if he is awake. Because he can lay there like this for 10-15 minutes sometimes. A little creepy looking. And in my arms he has his one eye barely makes me think he is just making sure he is still being held or someone is still there.
And if he takes a really good long nap it can takes him a good 10 minutes to wake up as he lays there half awake and stretches out!
ok I guess that was just a few more things about his sleeping habits... ha! but I thats because he actually sleeps more like a newborn now. But I can't say he is the best at sleeping yet. The afternoon and evening he struggles with staying asleep and taking a good nap and if we go anywhere he doesn't sleep too well in his car seat right now. But he has gone a 5 hour stretch a few times now during the night. (which is good for him) And I am hoping now that he is going longer between feedings (about 3-4 hours) he will start sleeping even longer stretches at night. We will see...

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