Sunday, July 29, 2012

Summer Outings

We went up to Bear Lake and stayed at the cabin for a few days with the whole family. A few days up there is all Jesse could stay since he just started his new job in June. It will probably be our only vacation this summer...but it was so good to spend that time all together-so happy we could!
We did the usual laying around and relaxing and playin cards while at the cabin.
 Corbin smiling at Grandpa Haws
 Grandpa working and holding sleeping Corbin
Grandma Haws rocking Corbin to sleep
Corbin had his first boat ride and went on his first (long) four wheeling ride. (nothing too dangerous) I held him in the carrier and he basically slept the whole time-the vibrations and white (loud) noise did the trick.
We rode up to Ephraim's Grave. He was the last grizzly bear known to roam utah killing a bunch of animals. Weighing 1100 lbs and about 11 feet tall. This was the stone monument marking is gravesite.
We spent a couple hours at the beach as well. I was able to go wakeboard for just a few minutes and that is all I could handle...its makes a difference when you are out of shape-my abs hurt for a couple days after. ha!
We also went down to Logan one of the days and said goodbye to our Camry and bought ourselves our first brand new car. 2013 Hundai Sonata. Even though it basically looks the same we just felt it was the right time to get rid of the Camry. It's Jesse's new commuter car. 
The Jensen Family has gone to the Ogden Rodeo ever since Jesse was little and now Corbin will as well!
He slept like this for maybe the first 20 minutes then he was wide awake the rest of the time...I think it was a bit too loud for him to sleep through...

Ali, Quinn, and Ella came from Michigan to see us for a bit. We went to Lagoon one of the days they were here! We watched the little ones ride the kiddy rides most the time, then Jesse and I snuck off and rode a few rides-we both can't ride too many now because we get sick on a lot of them...
 Corbin slept for a good portion of the time we were there...he had his shots that morning.

 Corbin and Ella-7 months apart
Corbin's only ride-The train.

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