Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Winner Winner!!

Oh my I almost forgot to mention:

 This lovely picture of Corbin with his green smoothie mustache...
WON us this wonderful amazing machine/blender for my mother!!
Blendtec had a contest going on through that I saw through Facebook in which you submit a picture of a smoothie mustache. Their were the top 3 winners which we based strictly on votes and then there was one winner in which the judging panel chose. I actually had already bought myself one and I LOVED it. My mom has been wanting one but has not been able to get one. I thought "Hey, why not try to enter and see if I could win my mom a blender" I knew she would love it. So for the first few days I went and voted and tried to have other people vote (thanks for the few who did-which I think it was just my sister Brooke-so Thank you)...after those first few days the votes for the other photos were ridiculously higher... :( so I kind of gave up on the idea thinking there was no way I could ever get that many votes...just not popular enough here! ha
Shortly after the contest ended I got an e-mail saying something like "congratulation! you are the winner of the judging panel vote!" I didn't know if I could believe it or not. I haven't really won anything before. So I replied back with my address and other info. Weeks went by and nothing. I started to worry it was a fake...then I got paranoid and worried that someone had a picture of my child and now they have my address...ha!
So I decided to call Blendtec and just see if it was really true...The guy first apologize in which I thought "oh great..yeah it was too good to be true.." but he explained that there was an employee change and it got overlooked but that they would send me one right away!
So, happily I can say my mom now has a $460+ blender that she uses everyday and totally deserves! (She drinks some nasty green smoothies sometimes..ha) But really she definitely deserves this and I was so happy I was able to help her get one!
Makes for at least 2 happy girls! :)

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