Thursday, October 10, 2013

Eventful Week-part 1-pumpkin patch and wedding

We don't have much going on that often but I feel like when we do its all right around the same time! This last week or so now we have been able to get out and do some fun things and spend time together! So I am breaking it up in 2 post because there are too much stuff and pictures!
Last Monday we went to Black Island Farms with the Jensen's-we went last year as well but Corbin was able to enjoy it a lot more this year! We could have spent a lot of time there-meaning the Corbin and I (not quite a dad activity as much ha!) also with the mosquitos eating us alive we would not have wanted to stay much longer that night anyways-we all suffered the next couple days. Jesse looked like he had chicken pox they were swarming him! But it was very nice weather and wasn't busy at all! Bonus for going earlier in the season!
We went on the little hayride to pick out your own pumpkin. I am just a little kid when it comes to those kind of things-I love it. I want to go and search for the perfect BIG pumpkin and soak it all in and Jesse was happy with the first one he saw...or he pick the ugliest pumpkin no one else would want..ha!
After the hayride we let the kids play around in the courtyard-Corbin loved everything!
Thursday was my Dad's wedding....yes my Dad. I must say its kinda weird going to your own Father's wedding but I am very happy for him and glad he has been able to find a nice fun wife, Lezlee! She is very outgoing and able to handle the chaos our family brings! She has 5 kids of her own-with 2 daughters at home still. They will be living in Bountiful-which is nice that my Dad will be close and we can spend more time with him! It was a nice beautiful wedding for them!
Next up Marathon and hiking.

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