Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fall Family Pictures

I love the fall! I love the changing color leaves probably most about fall...I mean I love sweater weather too but the leaves changing colors makes me so happy! I wanted to get pictures done with the fall leaves but by the time we could get our pictures taken I felt like most the trees were starting to look more dead than pretty with the the next best thing I wanted was the pretty fall mountains in the pictures! Thankfully I have my sister Courtney to take pictures for me. I didn't pick the best day to take them because that morning we went and watched my sister run her marathon and we were gone most the day which made for little to no nap for Corbin. So by that evening the combination of just being tired and a little hungry and factor in the age Corbin is at right now and just wants to explore and wander around it was going to make pictures difficult. But gratefully we were able to get a few that turned out and I was at least happy I was able to get the one mountain shot I wanted! yah! :) (the one right below) I love my little family! :)

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