Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Halloween stuff

I have been meaning to get to this post but Corbin and I have had a rough week with both of us being sick and I am hoping it will get better real soon. I am going to admit I still struggle wanting to dress up for Halloween...I love all the Halloween festivities and getting together with friends and family but when it comes to dressing up...ugh. I just hate to think of things and go buy something or whatever. I didn't have a costume picked out for Corbin but my Mom and sister found a cookie monster costume they all loved and bought it for I was going to try to go with the monster theme. We found a Monster Inc. Sulley Costume for Jesse and I had...nothing.

We had a Halloween party at my moms house for our Sunday dinner and had my mom Potato Cheese Soup which is tradition for Halloween! We also carved pumpkin...which I am still way into doing and Jesse I think just does it to make me happy..ha so nice of him! :) But I forgot to take a picture of them..opps. But I did get a picture of everyone in their costumes...pretty good looking. We had the police officer costume I wore in the garage-It was Jesse's brother's old costume. Sexy...
I went to Farmington Station with my sister Brooke and her kids and my Mom. They had Halloween activities going on for kids and then a little trunk r treating at that stores...but our kids were actually more interested in playing on the park..either way it was good to get out! I actually found Corbin a gorilla costume that I could not pass up! ha!
We had a ward truck r treat...which I guess I ward hasn't done it in a long time and finally someone convinced them we have enough children in the neighborhood to do it I guess?! ha! That was Corbin's first time experiencing it..and of course at first he didn't understand but then realized each car was giving him candy. He would take the candy and then go sit on the curb and just want to eat it right there. He probably had a little too much candy...possibly a factor in why he is sick now...? But he definitely enjoyed it. 

We had a little friend Halloween Party the Monday before Halloween. We had people come in there costumes and had soup in bread bowls and hung out in our garage and played games! And I stole my moms pirate i didn't have to be the lovely cop again. ha
He asked for a fitting..
shark meets gorilla
I didn't get pictures of everyone but at least got everyone in the group picture! :)
Tuesday is when Corbin and I went down by the time Halloween was actually here I was kinda burned out and didn't have the energy to really care about it...sadly. And I had already had Corbin dress up 4 other times before! But we got invited to go hang out with the Bullards. They invited friends over but it ended up being all the Bullards and their spouses and then Jesse and I and Corbin. ha! It was good to get out and be together with all of them! They let us ride the spooky Cherry Hill tractor..which I was impressed by the scenes of skeletons!
Overall it was a successful Halloween year...and I am exhausted now.

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