Friday, November 29, 2013


I had a lovely mother moment today. I was in Salt Lake and decided to go to City Creek for just a bit for Corbin to play at the food court since we had been out shopping. We play there for 30 minutes or so and then I realized I hadn't changed his diaper for a while so I checked it and while doing so got a little poop on me...ugh. You think you learn not to check that way...ha! I hurried and took him to the bathroom but had to wait a bit to get a changing table. I changed his really full diaper and feel a lot better until I realize I didn't have any diapers left....Oh shoot!! I am by myself at the mall in Salt Lake....uh. I panic and then see a little vending machine thing that said diaper kit. What the heck comes in a diaper kit?! Would a diaper even come or just wipes? What size of diaper would it even be if it did come? Well at this point I was desperate and decided I might has well buy a diaper kit and see. I search for some quarters and go to put them in to find out the machine is jammed...hmm well no diaper kit for us. I put Corbin pants back on and let him go commando..until I can go to a grocery store or something around there and buy some diapers. I was tempted to ask a random stranger but didn't have it in me..not worth it. Frazzled, I hurried to the car and rush through the parking garage to get out and find a store. Now Salt Lake for some reason makes me so anxious. I get nervous driving the street and I hardly ever do. I don't know my way around and I hate the one way street and the trax driving right next to you..and I hate paying for parking. It all just makes me nervous..since I don't do it often. I call Jesse at work to ask him to help me find something cause I have no idea where to the business and traffic doesn't help. He help direct me to a street that had a few options. I pull into smiths still in a rush because of course Corbin could pee any second if he hasn't already and I certainly didn't have any extra clothes with me. I go to get him out of the car and there sitting on the seat right next to him is a big box of diapers from Sams Club that I bought a few days ago. Wow. Are you serious!? Well how convenient I guess. ha! So I hurried and changed him right there in the parking lot. If I wasn't in such a panic and rush when I put Corbin in the car I would have notice them big as day sitting next to him! At least he was still dry! :) First time in his 18 month life he had to go commando...and hopefully the last! At least in public! ;) I couldn't be the first to do this!

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