Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Yes another post about my child--cause he's 18 months old

Yes, I now know that for some people reading post after post about your child isn't that entertaining and you just seem overly obsessed or something...but well..sadly not a whole lot goes on around here besides hanging out with my buddy and its gotta be journaled. ;)
Corbin is not a baby anymore...he is 18 months now. And seriously this past little while he has been doing things that make him seem more and more like a little boy. People have mention that he is starting to look more like a little boy now too. Just the fact that he can now play by himself for a while now. He grabs a few cars and rolls them all over the couch and furniture. And just little things he does while he plays, its just so cute for me to watch him. I know its not a big deal and I will hate it soon enough but he will actually sit down and watch a little bit of a movie -which has been a lifesaver when we have been a little sick around here. He now understands a lot of things I say and surprisingly obeys for the most part. He is starting to talk a little more as well. Copying what I say mostly but definitely has learned a few more words that he says pretty consistently. He seriously has the funniest face expressions still and makes me laugh. He loves to be thrown around and wrestle. He loves to read books still and definitely has an opinion with which ones we read-he likes to choose. I have to remind myself sometimes that it is good for him to read. He is a very cuddling boy still and I will take it as long as I can. Like I last mention he is very sweet and will almost always give you a kiss when asked. He has to be sung to in order to go to bed lately...and is a little spoiled and makes sure that I rub/tingle is leg or hair or face. He also can't take a bath my himself...yes he showers with Jesse or I and loves to just sit back and play with his toys in the tub while we shower.
We just went to the doctors and sadly he has an ear infection...but surprisingly he hasn't really been acting up or fussy-so I am lucky but also glad we caught it. (Jesse also has one right now-did I mention we have had our share of sickness this past little while) I sure hope we aren't going to have one after another this winter again since last winter he had 3. The doctor says he looks like he is eating great...and even suggested to make sure he is eating healthy snacks because we don't want him to gain too much weight. I told him my boy loves to eat all day-and sadly he might be doomed with weight problems (from his parents) but we will try our best. I try to limit him to one string cheese a day since some days he begs for it all day long. ha! He also mention that if he doesn't hit a growth spurt in his teenage years its looking like he will be staying around the 10th percentile for height. I have hope for him.

I take too many pictures that it actually now overwhelms me...because I don't know what to do with all of them. Most of really bad quality I know as well. But heres a bunch of random ones from the past little while.
way fuzzy since it was from far away..but he just got right up there and laid down on the pillow to watch the movie.
He likes to play on the piano...which is still just sitting in our garage..
learning to be goofy from his cousin Max..which is the only cousin name is can say right now.
He really loves to dip his food into any type of dip...or just get the dip with his hands..
and then once his hands aren't doing the trick he just drinks it.
Jesse fit him into a 6-9 month sweater onsie thing..
trying out the beds at the store.
after pouring his soup all over his head he then decides to dig for something better...one attractive child I have.
playing with cardboard and put it around his head.
he loves to play on the toys at the store...no need to put money in it. He is happy pretending.
somedays he gets obsessed with this hat and puts it on and off by himself.
glasses from Halloween laying around that he insisting on wearing for a while.

playing in the leaves with his cousins. Another lesson we have learned from owning our first home-we don't really care for big trees in our yard.

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