Monday, February 3, 2014

Having strength through hard times.

I came across this video today and I just was impressed to write my feelings down about it. ( I have been wanting to be better about writing impressions down more often) I feel like I have been very blessed with strength and faith to know everything is going to be ok and that its always going to work out even when I am going through a hard time. I feel like I have gone through my share of trails in my life ( I definitely would choose mine instead of other peoples) but I feel that I have been blessed to always feel peace through them for the most part and know that Heavenly Father has a plan, that he is in charge and he knows what he best! Watching this video just brought those feelings up again to remind me of those things! Just like Elder Nelson said similarly as well, I have been through my parents divorce, I have had a niece pass away and good family friend, I have had family members who have struggled or still are struggling, mental health, illness, fear etc. But I am too grateful to have the knowledge of God's plan and the gospel in my life to give me strength through hard times or even to have hope for the future!
(If you can't watch the video here it is Elder Nelson: Men's heart shall fail them)


  1. Marissa! I am so glad you are still blogging too! Haha, I think me and you might be the only ones. :) I loved this post, thank you!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing Marissa. I love this message.