Thursday, July 30, 2015

Gavin is ONE!

Oh man, I have been meaning to write this post for…over a month now. Life gets busy and to be honest I wasn't wanting a write a post about my child when he had been driving me a little crazy. My content happy baby and turned into a determined stubborn (knows how to throw a fit) yet still happy one year old. I am happy that he has an opinion and knows what he wants but at the same time wow he knows how to scream and throw a fit now. I forgot that it starts that early. ha! But really I think it is the combination of learning to be independent and getting a few teeth in at once. When he turned one he had about 7…now I think its 10 or 11. His tantrums can be kinda funny sometimes because he will be sitting down then flop his upper body on the ground and pitifully cry. But the other tantrums aren't so funny-just out of control screaming and crying (and has even flung his head back and hit me multiple times in my face)..every child does that right? ha I think that tantrum throwing streak is hopefully over now…for now at least. But he does scream pretty loud even if he is getting frustrated over something little…love when he does it at church…(happy to report that now that I am finally getting this posted he's back to being happy, lovable, and content-for the most part (: )
He is a good sleeper for the most part-like I said sometimes teething (and other things) can cause rough patches but his sleeping at night is what is most important to me and he sleeps usually from 8-6:30. He doesn't really fight me/cry to go down for naps or to bed at night..and I just love that! :) My kids are early risers. But he has been sleeping in till close to 7 lately more now. His naps are hit and miss and not consistent. Usually he needs one in the morning around 10 and its not very 30-40 minutes. Then I try to put him and Corbin down after lunch in the afternoon sometimes. He hardly takes longer than 1 hr 30 minute nap. And he might take after me with having puffy eyes in the morning! (not matter how much sleep we get)
He is definitely a little pickier with food than Corbin has ever been. He will eat fruit all day long and prefers only fruit…yes that does mean he poops like crazy (like 6 times a day ha) He used to eat some veggies for me but kinda has been refusing them-Ill have to sneak them in I guess. He will eat green smoothies pretty well. He is not that bad but just hard to feed him other things besides fruit sometimes. (at least its healthy!) He seems like he is constantly hungry though-seriously I feel like I am in the kitchen all day long and the kid can Eat! One morning I gave him a banana while I was making pancakes. Then he ate 10 pancakes the size of my palm with a cup full of blueberries-He would have probably kept going but I stopped him and called it good! ha! I don't think I will have to worry about ever forcing my kids to eat-but we will see if there love of food ever changes...It didn't with their parents!
He got his first haircut the week he turned one. I figured I should trim it up and make it look nice for pictures. He had a nice mullet going on in the back and I think looks much better now that it is cleaned up. The first haircut is a little bitter sweet-just means they are growing up more.
He was walking with things really well (and now over 13 months old and taking lots of steps by himself but still falls after 5 or so steps)
He chipped his front tooth..don't know when it exactly happened but my sister pointed it out to me! good thing he'll grow a second set. But with my two boys now I can see some injuries in the future…hoping for nothing big/major! They do fight quite often and Corbin can be a little rough with him. They mostly fight over toys or me. Besides that they enjoy playing with each other and I think they really will once Gavin gets older and can interact with him more with playing. (looking forward to that day!) Gavin loves to play with Corbin and follow him around. He loves giving kisses and wrestling and being tickled. He still likes to cuddle and be around me a lot as well. He loves balls and cars and anything boy…probably because that is what we have! ha! He loves playing with water and being outside! He is not really saying any words yet. He will copy noises I make and he did copy back saying Mama! :)
Gavin is a definitely a sweet boy and I am anxious to see his little personality develop even more! I can already tell he will be a fun and silly but also very lovable kid! :)

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