Sunday, February 26, 2017

Rough week.

Just going to keep this post real--Wanna know one of the fastest ways to get me into a mental illness facility? Keep me coop up inside my house for over a week with sick, whiney, crying, complaining kids. haha ok well thankfully I am not on medication or in a facility but I felt like I was on my last straw of sanity. I do not do well with staying home for even a few days and then having sick kids who are very needy definitely put me over. It's one of my weaknesses, Ill admit that. I just don't do well with whiney complaining crying kids-and of course thats just what young kids do but I usually get out and at least go to the park or even just the grocery store to distract from the constant demands. 
Mikaela got sick with a cold and then I figured out it was pink eye-I tried every natural thing possible to get rid of it and after a couple days of no signs of getting better and then Gavin getting it I had to take her in for some drops and thankfully I did so that I could get their symptoms under control and not be contagious. All 3 kids got pink eye and Corbin I'm pretty sure got an ear infection and Mikaela and a double ear infection. The hardest part was that I couldn't help them all when I wanted to. I would have one crying as I held the other and then would just switch and the other would cry as I held the other child. And the constant night wakings from each of them didn't help with the exhaustion. There was two nights in a row that I think we got woken up every hour from one of them.
And the fact that we got dropped off our "treats of the month" (from our young women fundraiser) I for sure consumed too much sugar as I was trying to cope with the demands and did a bit of emotional eating haha--no hiding my weaknesses. But that definitely did not help. (with the mental/emotional part and the waistline..) 
A part of me thinks this is God's way of helping me be ready to leave me kids in a month for a week long cruise-ha! but seriously I was having a hard time thinking I would be able to leave my kids for that long since I have never before. But I believe I am ready for a relaxing break and Jesse and I definitely are in need of some good bonding time. The stresses of work and the stresses of young sick kids can put a toll on us-we've both been pretty exhausted. Every time I feel like I get a handle on things and I am in a sweet spot as far as with my kids I guess I need to be humbled...or just make sure I don't have too much free time to make sure I am focusing on whats really important. I just started trying to go through things and declutter and organize things better but when you have sick kids you are just happy to keep up with the daily cleaning. 
Anyways things will get back to that sweet spot here this week...hopefully haha! Seriously some days are just laughable with how glamorous motherhood can be. But yes I still wouldn't change it--I just hope that I don't have to deal with many weeks like that. Gotta experience the rough ones to more fully enjoy the good ones! ;)
This picture sums up the exhausted sick was awful looking. Poor girl. 


  1. Those weeks are the worst! At least you appreciate healthy kids more once you have them! Where are you going on your cruise? I'm jealous!

    1. We are going to the Western Caribbean with all the adults in my family with my Dad and his Wife and her kids. I really was stressed about it and haven't been that excited because of the thought of leaving my kids--i've only left Corbin one time in the almost 5 years of his life.